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If we don’t resolve your debt, you owe us nothing.

Are you ready to put your debt behind you? Our team of experts will guide you on your path to financial freedom.


Our deeply forged relationships with creditors gives us leverage to achieve the best possible results for our clients.


We have saved our clients millions of dollars in settlements over the last decade.


Our friendly customer support staff is understanding of each client's unique situation.

Churchill Credit Solutions

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Modern Debt Relief Solutions


Debt Consolidation

All you need to become debt free is one consolidated monthly payment.


Protection From Creditors

We provide you with legal protection against creditor harassment.


Cash Flow Improvement

We can help you keep more of your weekly paycheck in the bank.

How We Help You

One consolidated monthly payment is all it takes. We have dedicated the last decade to improving the lives of our clients. Your financial freedom is the basis of our success.

Case Evaluation

Our in-depth research and one on one consultation help us find the right solution for you.

Negotiation & Settlement

We negotiate settlements with your creditors and help you put your debt behind you.

Settlement Fulfillment

After the settlement amount is paid, you are on the road to a secure future, college funds, a safe retirement, and most importantly, freedom.

Negotiating and Providing Debt Consolidation Solutions for Over a Decade

We help you break the cycle of minimum payments and snowballing interest fees.

Personalized Service

Each case is unique, and our solutions are customized to help you regain financial health in less time.

Significant Savings

Our expert negotiators will save you time and money. We work on your behalf to get you the best possible savings.

Quick & Easy Process

After our initial evaluation, you could be on your path to debt relief within a matter of days.

Proprietary & Proven Methods

Regain your financial stability and freedom with our proven methods and custom solutions.


Our Blog

In our Blog, we provide helpful resources for our readers and answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning credit card debt.

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